I took my behind-the-wheel driving test at the Whittier DMV and passed it.When you pass the test you will be asked to go back to Window 11.There will be a marker above the window that should give you a hint.

Not Los Gatos since there are more uphills and sometimes the roads are narrow then becomes wide etc.Before you can take the behind-the-wheel driving test you have to pass the written test and be given a temporary permit (good for 90 days of writing).

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There were others there too, practicing and scouting the area.

Written Test and Permit (pre-requisite to the actual driving test).I could not do it online then (getting an error) for some reason but when I called DMV (1-800-777-0133).The closest DMV office to your area might not have an available behind-the-wheel appointment.

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Before you go to the back (and as a best practice, make sure your seat adjustment is comfortable, mirrors are set properly.

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Hi alan, yes you can definitely use your own car to take the behind the wheel driving license test.

Safe driving practices and following rules are not only for test purposes, follow them even after you get your license.

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Examiner will now ask you to start driving (in my case move to the right to exit the DMV to the right).Thanks for sharing your personal experience of the practical driving test.Preparing for Behind-The-Wheel test (aka actual driving test).

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Correction to the route: 5a) Right on Norris (or Lombard) 6) Left on Argyle.Since I live in Mountain View, the closest one were Santa Clara, San Jose, Los Gatos, Fremont.Allen Chan Margarette Castillo-Chan Lauren Lois Venida-Garaygay here you go.Greet your examiner with a smile (not scored in the test but that should be nice).If you do this too, make sure you tell the rental company that you will use this for DMV behind-the-wheel test so they can give you a letter stating you are allowed to use the car for the test.

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At some point (in the residential area) he will ask you to park at the curb (side of the street).

Depending on the availability of the car you will use, you can now then schedule an appointment.If u can assist me in gettingg behind the wheel driving licence in my caritself. i stay at pleasant hill.Posted on January 8, 2013 Author Ryan Garaygay Categories Community, General Tags tips.Get you documents ready (your permit, car registration, insurance) and a pen could be handy.Previous Previous post: sushi, software and success Next Next post: switched home pc from vista to ubuntu.When exiting DMV make sure you signal of course and stop to check and make sure you exit safely.At the end you will be back at the DMV to do a diagonal park, then you will know if you passed or failed.

If examiner asks you to turn right, then exit in a way that you end up in the rightmost lane (that is, do not cross two lanes and end up in the middle lane).If examiner asks you to exit left then turn right, then make sure you end up in the right lane closest to the middle first then slowly move to the right (looking over the shoulder again as best practice) then make your right.Once you get approved for the actual driving test, you will be asked to get your car to the back (line up on the left side) then wait for your turn.Sharing a thing or two about the experience and what could be useful to others.This is the test route for DMV located at: 1785 W 220th St, Torrance, CA 90501.

Proceed and follow along the instructions and you will be fine.Go and line up at the behind-the-wheel appointment line (as of today was at Window 11).