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I decided on a fifth wheel which I pulled for one year and one week.When we loaded our truck camper onto the new truck, the rear of the truck sunk eleven inches.Here is the progression of our truck campers from when we decided to purchase a TC for.He knew of a dealer about forty miles from our home who had several in stock, and suggested we go to see what he had.I could sleep in the pickup bed with the topper and stay dry.Years ago we had a pop up trailer and we were thinking of moving up to something more convenient.There would be no wrestling with backing into tight spaces, and no big set-up time.

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We drove back to Kentucky in four days without any problems enjoying the camping along the way.

My siblings and I would ride on the bed looking the front window for hours.A sliding access window allows you to reach through to your camper from the cab of your truck.Shop Camping World for RV Parts and RV Accessories, including products for RV maintenance and replacement parts for air conditioners, fans, vents and more.We evolved from a used 1959 Shasta travel trailer (with wings no less), to a newer pull behind, and then a motorhome.

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Another important factor in buying a portable RV generator is noise level. getting the generator in and out of your RV or truck is an important factor to consider.

A database of 1989 Shelton Vacationeer recalls and complaints can be found here.Bethany Fellowship, Inc. They named this first model the The Bethany Vacationeer. Bethany also started manufacturing pick-up truck campers.Whenever we could get away from the farm we would put the old girl on our 1986 F150 farm truck.Long story short, we traded the fifth wheel for the Snowriver that was being traded in.Find great deals on eBay for camper tail lights and camper tail light lens.

I want a new truck camper, but have not completed the sales job with my wife yet.

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It is the responsibility of the owner to maintain the recreational vehicle as described in the Care.Then there was the issue of dealing with bad weather and sleeping on the hard ground.I asked why he was selling and he said that he was buying a lighter truck camper.Nothing seemed to fit our needs, since we love to boat as well, except for a camper.After a couple of months of people wanting us to give it away, I was frustrated.I called the gentleman up who had placed the ad and set a time to meet him.

Sunline Truck Campers - Discuss Sunline Truck Campers. 4th Annual Mid Atlantic Truck Camper Rally-April 16-19,2009. 1989 Truck Camper.We offer Camper hatches that help conceal and protect your Camper cables and plugs.I wanted to find the closest dealer that carried several lines of campers so that I could choose brand and style rather than just style.

It is built like an old Airstream and you see tons of those around.Entering the marketplace during the mid-1960s, Vacationeer was operated as a recreational product manufacturer by Shelton Industries.

We spent 6 weeks living in our Vacationeer TC after the. 1989-2001: 1979.We did end up selling the tent camper and bought a hard side travel trailer.In high school I went on a camping trip with my friend, brother, and sister in their truck camper.I know I have seen campers on the truck,. 1987 Vacationeer Camper.I called a seller in the Hagerstown, Maryland area who had large heavy truck camper for sale.Check out the Holiday Rambler Vacationer RV at MHSRV the RV Mall of Texas.Luckily he was only twenty-five miles away and came up the next day.