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Update: this patch was re-issued on March 13 with additional fixes and improvements for issues that were missed in the initial release.We will now suggest the top community config if it meets the required confidence threshold.Changed mode shift button activators to be uninterruptible by default.

Fixed Select Cursor Position helper screen appearing opaque when used in-game.Fixed issues with Double Press activator not working in certain games.

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UPDATED 2016-07-01: A minor patch was released for Windows users to improve compatibility with upcoming Vulkan games, in addition to all of the following changes from the June update.How can I get Steam to stop downloading updates automatically as soon as an update is released for a game like CS:.A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded.Fixed Interruptible activators not interrupting in a few specific scenarios.This allows better interoperability with other applications which use the Guide Button, such as PSNow.Changed the time limit before posting a configuration down to 5 minutes.Controller Configurations and Pesonalization will now download for offline use after the first online game launch.

We have pushed the patch out to Steam TGC members for the weekend to see if there are any obvious issues before submitting to.

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Fix for selecting the proper graphics adapter in multi-gpu setups.

Fixed gamepad binding highlights being offset in certain overlay resolutions Fixed issues that prevented Streaming gyro from functioning properly.Hold the mouse down on a scrollable panel and drag it up and down to scroll.With our release on Steam Early Access, this means we can fully take advantage of its update distribution platforms and functions, and this means more regular updates.Fixed a crash that could sometimes happen when closing the configurator in desktop mode.

Fix for haptic settings not being inherited properly when converting previous format to new format.Steam code activation (e.g. GY87J-KU6F6-98DWQ) 2. 4. The game has been activated and added to your Steam library. Enjoy.This feature tries to emulate a feel similar to rumble despite haptic actuators being a very different technology than rumble motors. (Requires Firmware Update) Fixed occasional doubled input in Big Picture when initially powering on the controller Added the ability to disable the X or Y axis for Joystick Move modes.When the battery is below 25% a low battery indicator will show in the Big Picture main menu.

Useful for games which hide the mouse while in game, but have mouse driven menus or UIs.Fixed saves not showing immediately in the configuration browser.This allows for compensation for game joystick response curves to more accurately dial in Mouse Joystick feel on a per-game basis.

This can be used to navigate lists or even bind 8-way movement.Update 4.0 Patch Notes. -fixed 1004 error for steam setting but stand alone is still.Added Trigger Hip Fire Exclusive mode - this mode is a dual stage trigger mode that allows either soft or full pull, but once either is engaged, the other will not engage until the trigger has been released.Activators have their own settings, so they can each have haptics, delays, toggles, cycle bindings, turbo, etc.This allows all recognized controller types to use the advanced mapping features of the Steam Controller Configurator.Fixed a bug where controller configs would be applied to the last used controller instead of the selected one.

Fix for multiple activators with multiple descriptions on a single input not appearing properly in the UI.Controller Added Steam Configurator support for PS4 Dual Shock Controller.These bindings are activated by holding the Steam Button in combination with other input, and are globally available on the desktop, in the Steam UI, or in games.Added icons for Controller Actions such as Change Action Set, Take Screenshot, Move Cursor, and Show On Screen Keyboard.