I am wondering if by choosing one of these, you do not also receive the templates for the other.I do not have Facebook, otherwise I would just ask this question in the group page, but I am wanting some clarification on a few things.Renaissance Diet Auto-Templates. 3 week diet introduction manual free report Search Results How to Get.I am 57, had stage 3 rectal cancer and had my rectum removed.Please join our RP Clients group on FB to find all of that information.I have a lot of sports teams who I think could benefit from this type of program together with their strength and conditioning program.When gaining weight, it is unlikely you will also get leaner.

I had a look at the templates but the only veggie option for protein was eggs, would this be the case or is the template different to account for more veggie options.As far as dairy goes, check out the FAQ that comes with the templates.If you check the FAQ page, we go over which option we recommend.Yep, check out the auto template product page to see screenshots.

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Let new RP athlete Reena Tenorio (top ranked female weightlifter and CrossFit athlete) gives you her thoughts on receiving the diet and working with it for the first week.

If you want a sample, sign up for our newsletter on the home page and read a sample chapter of the RP diet book before buying it.I work out 3-4 times a week on an erg (rowing machine) and on my bike trainer, so mostly cardio with very light weights (5 lbs) interspersed.Just download a free PDF printer and you will be able to pdf whatever your heart.So I need to make sure they are cooked and eaten in limited amounts.


Yes, we have the majority of our clients that are not competitive athletes.

A lot of folks are gluten-free or avoid dairy and still use RP.

The Erosion and the Renaissance of the Mediterranean Diet

Page 3- The Renaissance Diet Auto Templates Health and Fitness Forum.You can also join the RP Clients group on FB as there are tons of recipes, other questions, etc in there that you can check out.The muscle gain option and fat loss option are two separate products that would require two purchases.

I CURRENTLY WEIGHT 177 BUT WANT TO CUT TO THE 75kG CLASS FOR WEIGHTLIFTING.I work out first thing in the morning before my 10 hour work day.Get a free chapter of the Renaissance Diet eBook FREE eBook Chapter.Here is Reena in action competing in the 53 kg class in weightlifting where she has qualified and competed at the American Open.If you are not used to this much food, is it common to gain a few pounds while your body adjusts.Does anyone have sample diet plans from Renaissance Periodization or Mountain Dog.My name is Franco and I just purchased the RP combo Template package.

Are you confused about how to eat to maximize your performance.How To Create Your Own Diet Plan To Achieve Your Goals As An Athlete.You very likely want the fat loss templates as the muscle gain templates are designed to help you gain weight.A comprehensive 106 page PDF guide on how much to eat, what to eat and when to eat it,.

Yoink.ignore this question I just found the answer in your FAQs.I have heard a lot of great reviews, but am not sure if I want to buy it yet.

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Official Full-Text Paper (PDF): The Erosion and the Renaissance of the Mediterranean Diet: A Sustainable Cultural Resource.I am an aspiring regionals Crossfit competitor looking to break in to regionals next season (2016).The extras are already accounted for by us when we created the templates.And, if not, where does cottage cheese and Greek yogurt fit in.We are constantly updating the RP diet to make it easier to follow and understand for all clients.

My goal is to gain a bit of muscle, and then lose a fair amount of weight.The shake is right around workout time, the post-workout meal would be a whole food meal as listed on the template.Would RP still work for me or do I have to eat 6 times a day.I bought ur book and follow it but dont have the time to make my own plans and when it comes to others diet I am too busy with gym programming and managing to offer it to my clients so I was thinking that offering your diets to my clients could definately be an option for my gym which will benefit the both of us.I have brought the snook but am unsure how to calculate how many sets I am doing for my training.So, I recently learned about the Renaissance Diet, I think several of the MDUSA athletes enjoyed good success with it, particularly Travis Cooper.Let me know if interested I have all types of clients power lifters.

The normal ones tend to be better for vegetarians, we also have vegan templates too (but they have ZERO animal products).I saw that the templates are not recommended for someone with thyroid issues.