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I have gone through each of these situations and chosen algorithms that I think are easy to both perform and learn, but you may feel differently.My beginner solution already shows you 2 of the 4 last layer edge permutation algorithms,.If you can intuitively solve every F2L situation you come across then jolly well done, but there are a few cases where there is just a better, faster, much less obvious algorithm to solve it.Beginner F2L Tutorial - My last tutorial had a bad camera angle so this is a remake.After you finish OLL, pieces on the last layer will need to be permuted.As you might well imagine, this means that full CFOP has a lot of algorithms in it - one for every situation you might encounter.

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I perform the F2L algorithms with the white cross in my left palm and heavily use finger shortcuts for the moves.

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This will correctly permute one of the edges, allowing you to solve the rest with one more use of the above algorithms.I shall now try to explain some further concepts that you can use to improve your F2L.This idea of finding an empty space on the cube and using it to build a corner-edge pair is crucial to F2L, as of course you want to be able to construct each of the four F2L pairs without disturbing any previously solved ones.

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The important part of F2L is being able to solve each of the pairs without affecting any of the other previously solved pairs.These are the 41 distinct cases (plus one solved) for the placement of a corner and its matching edge from the F2L and the algorithms I use for them.However, there is such a list on the algorithms page, where you can see each F2L case and how to solve it.

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Consider this situation, and the two approaches to solving it.Here, we outline pure CFOP without any additional trick. 1. Cross: Make a cross on one side by solving all edges of a given color.This works, and is an intuitive way to solve the problem, but the second solution is much simpler.If you only have one, then which algorithm you use depends on the direction that the other edges need to be cycled.

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Resource CFOP Progress Guide or How To Get Sub 20. 2 Look OLL video 2 Look OLL PDF 2 Look PLL video 2.

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Even though you can already solve this case using the beginner way, I would take the time to practise and learn this algorithm now.

You want a taste of the high-flying, rock and roll lifestyle of the speedcuber.

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First, you can just use the above algorithm anyway, which will make some headlights for you to solve as above.All of that being said, I can give you some situations to hopefully make the process easier.

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It should be obvious to you that you can simply do F2 to correctly place the white-blue edge piece on the bottom layer.But what is life without a bit of a challenge every now and then.The way it works is to split up the steps into two smaller steps each.

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Being able to identify it easily will make algorithms that use it easier to learn, so whenever it is used in this guide it will be highlighted in red.

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In order to talk about how to solve the cube, we need to have a way to easily describe what moves to do.The first algorithm does successfully pair the red-blue corner and edge pieces, but it also lifts out the blue-orange pair from its proper place, thereby undoing any hard work it took to put it there.A trigger is simply a sequence of moves that is easy to perform very quickly, and the Sexy Move trigger comes up a lot.

This means that doing the cross on the bottom is difficult, as they have come to rely on algorithms for situations that are suddenly upside-down.So instead of producing the cross by finding each white edge piece and solving them one by one, what you actually want to be doing is solving each piece at the same time in an efficient way.

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This leaves you with a very start-stop, stuttery solve as you rapidly perform an algorithm and then stop to find the next one.Rather than relying on a big table of algorithms, F2L is best done intuitively.We choose the opening that allows for more finger tricks or has less cube.

This is also called EOLL, or Edge Orientation of the Last Layer.In this situation, the first algorithm uses the empty space between the red and blue faces to move the red-blue edge piece so it can be easily paired and inserted.

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The first algorithm either requires you to shift your hand position to twist the F face or start using some peculiar thumb movements.Although the idea of slowing down in order to speed up may be counter-intuitive, a useful exercise is to practise F2L at an exaggeratedly slow speed.This will be awkward the first few times you attempt it, but it is certainly worth practising.The corner pieces should then be permuted correctly in relation to each other - but you might need to turn the top layer so that they are back in the right places.World Cube Association Regulation A3a1 states that a competitor has up to 15 seconds of inspection time before attempting a solve, and you would want to be spending this time mentally formulating a complete solution to the cross which you could then execute very quickly at the start of your solve.

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This guide takes you through every step of the CFOP speedcubing method.

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There are lots of algorithms for doing this, but I like this one the best.